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Coffee News originated in 1988 in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) and is the brainchild of Jean Daum, an expert in, not only advertising itself, but super-learning and subliminal techniques as well -- many of which she designed and researched herself to make Coffee News one of the most potent, yet affordable advertising publications ever produced.

Jean Daum

The founder of Coffee News
Jean Daum
(1951 - 2007)

The idea.

It is said that the idea for Coffee News came when Jean placed a lunch order, then sat back to wait for the food to arrive. Bored stiff, she resorted to reading the information on a sugar packet. Suddenly it dawned on her - restaurants were missing the boat by not providing patrons with something to read while waiting for their food.

Click this link to read Jean's own account of the start of Coffee News back in 1988. (This will open a new browser window which you can close to return here.)

The begining.

Coffee News took months of research before it even started. As you will see, no stone was left unturned when it came to the design and content of Coffee News. It employs no fewer than 17 different psychological and super-learning techniques to boost readership, and more importantly, the bottom-line results for advertisers.

The specific super-learning and subliminal techniques encourage people to read it and, more importantly…pay attention to the advertisements. This system, unique in the world, is spectacularly successful.

The business grew so fast, it has become the most widely read publication in coffee shops and restaurants; mainly due to the benefits it offers both reader and advertisers. Coffee News readers become faithful and attentive consumers of the publication because it's fun and entertaining. While our advertisers find that it is an indispensable marketing and communication tool for their business.


There are over 1000 editions of Coffee News published in over 50 countries around the world. In New Zealand there are currently 20 publishers publishing over 40 editions every week.Man

Barbara and Graham first got involved in Coffee News in June 2006 when they purchased the "Howick & Pakuranga" franchise, (now known simply as the "Howick" edition.) In September 2007 the Papakura edition was purchased when it became available, and in October 2011 when the Newmarket and Remuera franchises became available they too were pruchased.

The core business of Coffee News is advertising,
but how does it work?

Coffee News is a light and entertaining paper, which is distributed for free and which patrons pick up in their favourite restaurant or coffee shop. It provides a few minutes of light readingCoffee News Lady while the order is taken and the meal is prepared. Since most patrons can read Coffee News in about five to ten minutes, they have plenty of time to read all the ads as well. Coffee News is designed to take full advantage of this fact.

A new edition of Coffee News is available from local restaurants and cafés every week. Customers at these outlets are relaxed and are therefore very receptive to the advertisers message. Also, as Coffee News is available and working for the advertisers all week, this makes for a cost-effective method of getting the advertising message out.

Part of the success formula of Coffee News is the fact that advertisers are not competing for attention, as advertising space is limited to only one advert per business category. The advertisements are rotated each week to give a fresh look to the paper and therefore attract more attention. Also, if an advertiser wishes to change their advertisement, no problem - it's FREE!

Franchise Rankings.

Coffee News Ranking from the "Entrepreneur Magazine" 2005-2010 is shown in the table below.

2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
Franchise 500 Rank: #236 #129 #68 #68 #64 #54
Fastest Growing Franchises: #55 #23 #14 #28 #31 #31
Top 101 Home based Franchhises: #65 #32 #21 #17 #14 #12
Top Low-cost Franchises: #64 #32 #21 #17 #14 #13
America's Top Global Franchises: #94 #90 #60 #61 #55 #47

Coffee News has been ranked #1 in category every year
from 2005 through to and including 2009.
The category is:
(Business Services > Advertising Services)

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