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When planning your marketing campaign, the links below will give you some excellent pointers as well as show you how COFFEE NEWS can fit in, and asssist you with growing your business.

Why is it ???
A man wakes up in the morning after sleeping on an advertised blanket in advertised pyjamas. He will bathe in an advertised tub, wash with an advertised soap, shave with an advertised razor and use advertised toothpaste on an advertised toothbrush. He will then drink advertised coffee after his advertised juice, cereal and toast (toasted in an advertised toaster). He then puts on advertised clothes, wears an advertised hat and rides to work in an advertised car where he will sit at an advertised desk using advertised pens and stationery.

Yet this man hesitates to advertise, saying that advertising does not pay! Finally when his un-advertised business goes under - he will then advertise it for sale.

A story of "Two Hairdressers" by the founder of Coffee News, Jean Daum gives a very good insight to some important advertising principles. Jean's story of two hairdressers. You can read this story in a new browser page when you click this link.

Advertising does not create a need, it creates awareness. Let's say for instance you have very recently had your house painted. It doesn't matter how many advertisements you see for painters, you are not going to contact any of them, and why would you? However in a number of years time, when the new paint job isn't new anymore, and starting to look tired, the advertisements for painters will attract your attention. It is the same for any other product or service. As the provider of goods or services you must be constantly advertising so that when that "need" arises you are "top of mind". COFFEE NEWS will give you the exposure to be seen when the need arises.

Local advertising for local businesses. It is in this area that COFFEE NEWS is particularly effective. Although Coffee News will advertise any size business, it aims to support the small to medium business. These businesses traditionally attract about 80% of their clients from local and surrounding areas. So why pay for a wide area advertising campaign when you can target 80% of your clients in a more cost effective manner by using Coffee News.

Repetition is the key to effective advertising. At the time when the customer need arises your ad must be seen! The only way to ensure it is out there at the right time is by repetition, repetition, repetition and then a bit more repetition. COFFEE NEWS achieves this for you, a new issue is widely distributed in the local target area every week, 52 weeks a year. It's out there it's seen and therefore so is your advertisement! COFFEE NEWS works for its advertisers 3 meals a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

Exclusive advertising is a preferred form of advertising. Coffee News offers you, the advertiser, exclusivity. In any category only one ad per edition is accepted, so once you have an ad in your category, your competition cannot place an ad against you. You LOCK OUT your competition.

Coffee News is WIN, WIN, WIN.
The coffee shop customer gets free, upbeat, light entertainment.
The coffee shop has provided a service, at no cost to themselves.
The advertiser gets wide exposure from a relaxed, receptive customer base, everybody WINS.

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